We provide a one-stop ‘design and construct’ shop to manage all aspects of building your dental practice

At RiteSpace constructions we focus our care and attention on you…the Dentist. In fact, our firm only handles dental projects.

With our thirty five years of collective building experience and ten years of specific dental focus, along with our in-house clinical consultancy, we have the ‘Ritestuff’ to realise your practice dreams.

We understand that clinical dentistry is underpinned by the two elements of function and aesthetics. RiteSpace will work with you to incorporate these same elements into your concept of a perfect dental practice.

Our state-of-the-art design will not only give you comfort and surety regarding compliance and planning issues but will also be tailored to create that competitive edge which is so important in today’s market place.

The RiteSpace ‘one-stop shop’ for dental practice builds and fit-outs will allow you to concentrate on your clinical dentistry while we manage the intricacies of creating your dream practice.

To that end, we can help with:

‘Turnkey’ design and construction solutions

Fixed price contracts

Fixed program build times which minimise practice downtime

Space optimisation using inventive joinery design

Our in-house Clinical consultancy to optimise zoning and workflow

Assistance with plant and equipment

Financial services tailored for the dental profession

Australia-wide coverage